WineMaster.hu is an online wine marketing platform founded in 2020 by Zsombor Pádár, Master of Wine student and Gábor Herczeg, investment specialist, agricultural engineer, in partnership with X-Ventures Gamma Venture Capital Fund.

The objective of the online sales platform is to create an interactive direct link between producer and consumer, bypassing the intermediary commercial chains and providing a cost-effective market access opportunity and marketing communication support for wineries producing high quality wine, especially for smaller wineries. WineMaster offers innovative approaches and solutions to help consumers find the best quality products at the best possible value for money.

Its sales strategy is based on the distribution of products not available on the shelves of hypermarkets and supermarkets, and within this, on the presentation of less known, unique wines that are waiting to be discovered. Pricing for new market entrants is based on the WineMatch® benchmarking process, trademarked by WineMaster.hu, whereby a team of experts compares new products with well-established brands and then classifies them in price categories that are accepted by consumers. The advantage of this service is that new brands or brands that are less known to the wider consumer base are given the opportunity to enter the market and sell in the targeted segment, saving significant marketing costs and time to market.

As a benchmarking tool, WineMatch not only helps partner pricing, but also offers the opportunity to map and store the consumer taste profiles underlying the product offering. It does not leave the consumer alone either: it helps the choice by providing expert comparison with already known, popular products, thus increasing consumer confidence in less known or even completely unknown products. The consumer experiences a new consumption experience, an experience of discovering new brands according to his personal taste profile.

WineMaster.hu intends to engage in active online marketing activities, including content production, regular presence on social platforms, image and video sharing portals, online and offline tastings and cellar visit programmes. We will also offer our partners, whether at the wine level or for specific products, exclusive opportunities for premium exposure and branding. In addition, all our business partners will have a dedicated sub-page with text and photos, where they will also be able to view and comment on consumer reviews of the products they have purchased.

For further information, please contact us at the contact details below:

Zsombor Pádár, Managing Director: +36 (30) 555-6459, padar.zsombor@winemaster.hu

Gábor Herczeg Business Development Manager: +36 (70) 376-4915; herczeg.gabor@winemaster.hu

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